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Welcome to the national
park & ride directory
  • A single and easy to remember website address
  • A single database of all Park & Ride services
    around the country
  • A mechanism for you to promote your park & ride
    service locally

How Does It Work?

Motorists can simply log-on to
and find a list of park & ride sites around the country.
Upon selecting the
park & ride in the area they intend
visiting, they are taken to a map detailing how to
get there.
Other information can now be provided to instil
confidence in your service:
  • Bus times and fares (including special fares and promotions)
    News and local events
  • Changes to your service…etc

Primary objectives of
Get drivers to parking lots.

Secondary objectives
park & ride services nationwide.

Put Your park & ride On The Map

we also offer a fully integrated webservice all sites are designed
within the park& brand so as to simplify and also
familiarise the user with one style of navigation creating ease
of use, see our flagship site oxford click here

click here to contact our client service team by e-mail
and talk to us about how to join.

Please note: this email address is for park & ride operators only,
for details and queries on the services of individual park and
ride sites, please select your destination and use the contact
facilities provided.

Online Community
We at park&
are trying to develop an online community
whereby park & ride operators and owners can exchange ideas and views,
issues such as security and vandalism can be discussed.

interested? click here for more information