interactive location map and route planner    
Below is a step by step guide on how to use the interactive map and route planning tool:
step 1.  
find a park and ride facility that has the interactive map icon at the top of the page and select it google maps
    facilities icon pictures

this opens up the interactive map showing you the exact position of that particular park and ride site within the UK

step 2.  

to display information about a certain park and ride site, just select the name of the park and ride from the menu on the left hand side or simply click on the little blue pin on the map


    interactive park and ride map picture 1      

This displays the information about the park and ride site. Please note: this information may vary depending on what details are available


    interactive map park and ride picture 2
step 3.

Using the route planner:

Select 'From here' from the pop-up information box of the park and ride facility you wish to navigate to, then enter a 'start' point for your journey

step 4.  

next click 'go'. in the panel to the left of the map you will see the route planned out for you



    route display graphic

as you can see the 'start' and 'finish' points are plotted out with all directional information inbetween, you can print this out from the print button
second top left.


    route planner zoom graphic

Clicking on the numbers system next to the plotted route gives you a zoomed in version of that set of directions


    other features:
interactive map zoom facility zoom graphic small
smallest zoom graphic
  zoom feature: zoom in and out of the map to see road names and other points of interest in greater detail
satelite view: see an actual satellite photograph as used by Google earth, just select the 'Satellite' button hi-lighted below  
satalite view  
hybrid view: view both satellite and graphic elements of the map at the same time, just select the 'Hybrid' button hi-lighted below  
hybrid map graphic